Monday, 15 February 2016

How to Know / Check / Claim your EPF Balance ?

Protocol for Knowing or withdrawl of PF


There are certain protocols to be followed and if that case if the employer follows some unfair trade practices law comes to your rescue.
You must be possessing salary slips and in that your will have all details pertaining to PF ie.
The PF account Number, Establishment Code etc so kindly check your PF balance using the below link

But please go through the link before checking so that you will understand how to check your PF online

After that if you wish get yourself registered in the EPF database and download an E-passbook, which will be good evidence you can avail.
After that 
If you wish for online transfer go to below link

if you want to claim/Withdraw from/Transfer your PF account from your ex employer to new employer (provided you meet the terms and conditions as per act) , filling the certain claim forms as per requirement using the below link and submitting the same to your employer , Local EPFO office and keep a copy for yourself.

Also write an official mail to your employer citing whatever to be done however if still you face any difficulty from the side of your EX-Employer ,Ask for final consideration over the issue, then if still your request goes unheard or answered then
Register your grievance using the link below , in the employee section you'll find a hyperlink option titled "Register your grievance"

NB: This is Just an overview protocol actual process comes under legal framework. Please consult a legal team.

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