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Understanding Job Description and Job Specification

Job Description and Job Specification
Both are the outcomes of JOB Analysis , namely where Job Analysis is scrutinizing the Job and its related attributes.
JD or Job Description:
JD stands for the responsibilities involved, reporting authority information and all factors pertaining to Job (Duties involved, info on Org hierarchy, Do's and Don’ts’ involved in the job.
Example: your designation, reporting authority, duties involved etc (All designation aspects). It helps in determining the JOB Responsibilities ETC.
JS or Job Specification:
JS Stands for all the specification related to Human Skills and requirements which are required to satisfy the responsibilities in that position.
 Example: Qualification on education, types of personality, attitude etc.(All human aspects) It helps in determining the type of individual to be hired.
Comparison Chart
Job Description is a concise written statement, explaining about what are the major requirements of a particular job.
The statement which explains the minimum eligibility requirements, for performing a particular job is known as Job Specification.
What is it?
It expresses what a prospective employee must do when he will get the placement
It expresses what an applicant must possess for getting selected.
Prepared from
Job Analysis
Job Description
Job Holders
Comprises of
Designation, place of work, scope, salary range, working hours, responsibilities, reporting authority etc.
Educational qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge, age, abilities, work orientation factors, etc.

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