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When people are logistics

When people are logistics

Technology and science has been transforming the life of humans and the way people lead their lives. Recently over the last decade the traditional way how we humans used to opt for transport out of the available modes has changed dynamically. The one such a huge leap is the introduction of taxi and cab aggregators in India and the world over the period of time. It has been a while when people became the logistics and the choices reflecting became a way of imparting lifestyles. I have been an avid user of the technology from a onetime initiator/ user to a complete enthusiast and now being heavily dependent on these over the passage of time.  However with the transformation comes the complication. Thus as a token of appreciation for making my life simple and movement to unknown places a hassle free experience I want to give a feedback and provide  solution to a few scenarios and help on basic troubleshooting  to using these applications on basis of my knowledge , experience and learning in the next edition of the blog.
On the optimistic horizons with the passage of time more and more cab and taxi aggregators have launched their services for Indian customers, we hope of more options and fair competition being an end user ultimately benefiting all the parties involved. Also with competitors coming from Indian soils having an added advantage of home turf it ensures the globalized counter representatives too will have to increase their adaptivity and alter their business models in order to compete well. But, the most critical aspects and success of these in the long run will depend on the channelization and utilization of the factors which make up these markets.

A basic business structure and its efficiency depends on 4 main aspects namely:
1.  People: The partners who associate themselves as service provider and the end user who utilize their services.
2.   Technology: The utility, framework, user friendliness of the application and service.
3.   Legal Framework: With the passage of time it has become a concern for every provider specially ones who foreign origin and operating in an altogether different turf and market across various countries globally.
4. The Business Model: Companies with versatile business model will definitely have an edge adapting different PEST scenarios.

So it would be nice to see as what are future offerings are and who of these players actually are here with focus for long term existence and I being a happy end user would like to provide some inputs for ensuring it benefits all.

Now let us look for a few issues the aggregators are facing in India with solutions from a perspective which open to learning and criticism.

1.      People:  Attraction of employable workforce, partners and vendors.
Solution: Focus on right talent as they are not traditional entities but face of the company for the end user. A good association with the right partner would not only be beneficial in the long run but also maintaining the goodwill and repeated service demands. Focus on hiring the right people as well as retaining those associated earlier. An effective laid mechanism scrutinizing over various parameters of Individual, behavioral, legal, professionalism and attitude dimensions can help in right associations. Moreover companies should not only focus on upgrading their resources but also should have incumbent chamber or small strategic units to ensure that the technology and resources being imparted to the drivers /associates are utilized fully. For Example : many a times even if we mention out our destination details prior booking the drivers ask the same post accepting our request and then discards the booking service due to the destination and associated attributes  like location , travel time traffic etc. Be proactive, avoid procrastination.
2.   Ensuring hassle free procedures on every front being technical, customer related or any other:  The application being used should be friendly to end user and should work as smooth as possible across any platform being online booking or across various mobile platforms and OS like Android, Java and windows etc. Also as such services  require real time support so standard procedures must be laid with minimum turnaround time to resolve queries and strategically It is advisable to not only resolve queries directed towards customer service but also any lying anywhere on the web. It will reflect a more professional and appreciative attitude on the company and its goodwill.
3. Technical glitches confrontation at the earliest ensuring customer assistance in real time
4.  Focus on imparting a reflection in the minds of customer that the whole transaction process is very legit and all the credentials being used are free from any form of breach and trust.
5.  Regular feedback from all parties corresponding so that any probable causes affecting business in future and also it would help in trend analysis for overall market.
6.   Have a versatile approach if you are catering to different segments of customers across the globe or within the same country as no two markets are the same always. Consider the PEST and legal environments too
7.   Hire the right people representing and running the business
8.   Focus offerings catering to different needs of people not as it not just a service but lifestyle too.
These are a few inputs if taken into consideration will have dynamic impact on the whole company and will be beneficial to the end user too.
Best Wishes to all cab aggregators.

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