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Everything about EPF – How to know Your Balance and Withdrawal Procedure – Arakanshu (HROB+ Network)

Everything about EPF – How to know Your Balance and Withdrawal Procedure – Arakanshu (HROB+ Network)
Credits -(http://hrobfriend.blogspot.in/2016/04/everything-about-epf-how-to-know-your.html)

There are certain protocols to be followed and if that case if the employer follows some unfair trade practices law comes to your rescue.
You must be possessing salary slips and in that your will have all details pertaining to PF.
The PF account Number, Establishment Code etc so kindly check your PF balance using the below link
But please go through the link before checking so that you will understand how to check your PF online
After that if you wish get yourself registered in the EPF database and download an E-passbook, which will be good evidence you can avail. After that If you wish for online transfer go to below link EPFO
if you want to claim/Withdraw from/Transfer your PF account from your ex employer to new employer (provided you meet the terms and conditions as per act) , filling the certain claim forms as per requirement using the below link and submitting the same to your employer , Local EPFO office and keep a copy for yourself.
Also write an official mail to your employer citing whatever to be done however if still you face any difficulty from the side of your EX-Employer ,Ask for final consideration over the issue, then if still your request goes unheard or answered thenRegister your grievance using the link below , in the employee section you'll find a hyperlink option titled "Register your grievance"

Withdrawl Procedures & INCOME TAX DEDUCTION
(RULE effective for all withdrawal forms)

Pls complete:

Form 19 and 
Form10C (if your service at Company PF number is more than 6 months)
include your email ID under the mobile number on top right
attach a canceled cheque (from your individual savings account)
attach the copy of PAN and attest it with your signature, 
attach Form income tax form 15G (TWO originals) only if you are not an income tax payer, S
attach letter (declaration) stating that you are an income tax payor, if you do NOT attach the Form 15G (TWO originals). 
and then courier the package directly to our PF consultant address . 
Original signed papers from you are required and soft copies are not acceptable to the PF dept. 

Pls note there are 3 places to sign in Form 19 and 2 places in Form 10C  
This applies only to EPF (Form 19) where PF service is less than 5 years AND withdrawal amount of Rs 30,000 or more.

Only if both conditions are fulfilled, the PF dept will deduct:

(a)     TDS at 10%, if self-attested PAN copy is attached to Form 19,
(b)    TDS at 34.608%, if self-attested PAN copy is not attached.
(c)     ZERO TDS, if self-attested PAN copy AND Form 15G (in duplicate) are attached.
 Form15G might apply to you only if you are not an income tax payer.

Then choose Form 15G

Pls mention the PAN number under the phone number in the Form 19, in addition to attaching the self-attested PAN copy.

For withdrawal amounts of over Rs 250,000 the TDS at 10% will automatically be deducted, without choice.

As you are unlikely to know the amount of the withdrawal, it is always better to enclose the PAN copy (signed by the claimant)

Eligibility             As per the PF dept rules, the withdrawal forms can be submitted to the PF dept only after 60 days from the date of leaving Company.

Procedure             Complete in full your application in the PF Claim Forms 19 and 10C and drop them in the dropbox titled “PF Withdrawal forms”. 

                                Alternatively, you may courier the package containing the completed forms, with your canceled cheque, to the concerned PF Consultant.

Settlement             Generally, the PF dept takes about 30 to 45 days from the time of submission of the PF claim forms 19 and 10C at the PF office, for them to complete settlement and payments by NEFT directly to your bankers.

                                You will receive SMS updates from the PF dept directly to your mobile number and you can track the status of the claim online at the PF website.

A few weeks after submission of the forms at the PF dept, you can track the settlement process online at the website

Queries on UAN

Goto the below Links for directions to be followed:
1.       UAN Member Portal
2.       What is UAN and how to get it ?

Credits: EPFO website and Economic Times.
 Important to note when completing the claim forms

(1)     Revenue stamps are not required. You may sign through the    box for revenue stamp. That is sufficient.

(2) Cancelled cheque leaf should be enclosed to the Form 19 and it must be from a personal SB account that will be open for at least 6 months after your date of leaving.
 If the Canceled Cheque contains the printed name of the ex-employee, then there is no change in procedure and the canceled cheque can be attached.
If the Canceled Cheque does not contain the printed name of the ex-employee, then:
(a) the ex-employee should sign the canceled cheque and
(b) attach the copy of the first page of the passbook or the pass-sheet from the bank showing the ex-employee's name, address and account number on it. This has to be further attested by the bank manager with seal.

In addition, this has to be attested by the employer with the authorized signatory's signature and seal.

(3)    Your bank account number should be mentioned in BOTH Form 19 and Form 10C. Otherwise you will get only one cheque and not the other cheque.

(4)    Item no 6 of Form 19 and Form 10C – reason for leaving – should ALWAYS be “RESIGNED”. Any other reason will be rejected by the PF dept.

(5)    Only the father or husband name should be mentioned and NOT the mother’s name. If mother’s name is mentioned, the PF dept will reject the withdrawal form.

(6)    Your name and your father’s/husband’s name in the Form 19 and Form 10C should MATCH the style of those names that you gave Payroll Dept when you joined. If it is different, the PF dept will reject the claim. E.g., Sachin Prasad cannot be mentioned as S. Prasad or vice versa.

(7)    Your name in the bank account should be in the same style as (6) above, otherwise your bank may reject the payment from the PF dept and send them back, instead of crediting into your account. 

(8)    Your address, bank address, pin code of your bank branch should be very legible. No overwriting or cancelling words on the forms are permitted, otherwise the claim forms will be rejected by the PF dept.

(9)    Please ensure to provide your mobile number on both Forms 19 and 10C at the appropriate spaces.

(10)If you have worked for less than 6 months at Company, then on the Form 10C you should only check the box for “Scheme certificate”. As per the PF dept rules, Form 10C refund will not be given for less than 6 months service. However, please note that this does not apply to Form 19.
Please note that the PF dept will not give information to the ex-employer or its consultant regarding your withdrawal, as it is confidential (like a bank) between the PF dept and yourself.


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