Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Talent Sourcing - Do When You Don't !!

Over period of a few years into the various corps some enlightening observations came across my eyes, but as a pupil of Human resource domain & more specific recruitments,  I would be sharing with all of you a few things I have learnt over a period of time irrespective of the organization size ………..….be it a market dominating MNC or a local startup. I was surprised to see that people of my fraternity specially recruiters are just taking the career of HR for every other reason than the actual one…’s people (not only the one who are part of your org but also others).
These are feelings, scenarios & experiences I as a human post introspection have come across , where I felt like things could have been different or should have been different IF I had done something different I desired !!
I am sharing a few practices I have acquired over a period of time in recruitments and would like to share the same. Even if one person or corporation acquires these humble practices, I’ll believe the purpose of my message has been imparted. Good Luck.
The below mentioned scenarios are a few, where under different roles out of learning and feedback I have come across.

For Recruiters and Talent Sourcing Professionals

Whenever you are part of an interview panel or a recruiter, you come across various personalities, attitudes and behavior and no person is good or bad it’s just that a nut goes into a bolt not in a screw lid; same is the case with people, Always make sure before rejecting a candidature at a real time interview give a feedback, be honest with a job seeker.
For many companies I have seen the note requesting the candidate to not entertain the e-mail if he/she has appeared for the same interview within a specified time frame ………what do think is the time frame for post rejection last time ….simple it’s for acquiring the skills what a candidate lacked the last time he represented his candidature and if we as responsible entity of people management are not giving honest feedbacks, how can we make sure the candidate applicant pool is improving .

Hire for Today’s Roles and Tomorrow's responsibilities – Show them the future opportunities.

Whenever we hire people , although mostly it is for specific roles , pre defined duties and a Job Designation , we are hiring for organization and the unforeseeable future so analyze the present candidature as well as future potential of the candidate ……..a good talent always looks for a career than a specific job role. Besides nobody likes high attrition rates neither a talent manager nor a job seeker. Applicants tend to apply less for companies with high attrition rates besides it affects the goodwill of companies in the industry.
Own your talent management & hiring processes – RPO’s & Hiring Consulting Firms/Partners
Whether you are a MNC giant or a start up , I’ll always advise to own the recruitment system you use to hire people. Although considering various strategic factors for various businesses RPO’s (recruitment process outsourcing) or recruitment partners may sound convenient but it is always good to hire a mystery / shadow candidate to undergo the process and get a relevant feedback and scrutinize for a scope of development if any.

Maintain a database of applications & processes involved in professional sense not for the sake of it

Every hiring brings a lot of data, data which is critical and if properly used can be used for various analytics purposes. There are portal companies which make money from these and companies many a times pay for redundant data. Be strategic save your data, it might be an advantage in the long run.

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